A man with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy defies the odds and hikes 2,660 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. This is his story. Music: Second Class Citizen by Dexter Britian http://dexterbritain.bandcamp.com

In 2014 more than a thousand people attempted to hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. A collection of pictures and video from 80 of those hikers shares the collective story of the Class of 2014. I sifted through more than 8,000 media files and condensed the story into one shared experience.

Get a glimpse of the 486-mile long Colorado Trail. During my 31 day journey from Denver to Durango I carried along my GoPro to capture the essence of the trail and ultimately the spirit of Colorado. Music: Lonesome Dream by Lord Huron Check them out! http://www.lordhuron.com

A chronicle of adventures shared in the first seven months of Wesley and Laura's relationship. Music: She Lit a Fire by Lord Huron http://lordhuron.com

In the beginning of 2013 I set out to document a year's worth of adventures using my GoPro. It was the first year that I took my camera pretty much everywhere. I captured epic moments while hiking the 486-mile Colorado Trail and climbing in the San Juan Mountains, but I also captured the subtle moments of birthdays, weekend adventures, and the Colorado Seasons. I'm already excited about the adventures to come in 2014. Music: Lantz (Part III) by White Morning soundcloud.com/whitemorning
On June 16, 2013 I started hiking from Waterton Canyon near Denver which is the northern terminus of the Colorado Trail. After 31 days and 486 miles I arrived at the southern terminus of the trail at Junction Creek Trailhead a few miles outside of Durango. This short film shares the lessons I learned while hiking across Colorado. Music: Dexter Britain: dexterbritain.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-to-fear Jason Ehleben: noisetrade.com/jasonehleben/sound-for-film
Yellow Aspen, jack o'lanterns, turkey, and corn mazes all help tell the story of Autumn in Colorado. Short and sweet this short video captures the essence and the highlights of my 2013 Fall. Music: White Morning (https://soundcloud.com/whitemorning)

Summer time is adventure time! I always enjoy how summer breeds countless adventures in the mountains of Colorado. This summer some of the adventures captured in this video include thru hiking the Colorado Trail, sailing a Hobie Cat on Eleven Mile Reservoir, Tenkara fishing near Durango, running the Pikes Peak Ascent, and climbing in the beautiful Chicago Basin. I would dare say I have had an amazing summer experiencing all that Colorado has to offer. Music thanks to Scott Miller (White Morning) check him out at https://soundcloud.com/whitemorning

The ever-changing springtime in Colorado provides abundant opportunities to enjoy life in the midst of rebirth. This collection of my experiences depicts daily life and my shared adventures with friends and family during the calendar Spring of 2013.

Completely filmed from December 21, 2012 to March 19, 2013 this short video captures a wide spectrum of events ranging from camping on the summit of Mount Quandary, to laser cutting silicone steel at work, and what video would be complete without sword swallowing. The project seeks to capture winter adventures and everyday, mundane activities in a unique way. I must thank my friends and family that make my endeavors fruitful. Music by White Morning http://noisetrade.com/whitemorning/lent-series
The 14,000-foot peaks (14ers) in Colorado's Chicago Basin present some of the most dramatic views out of any of Colorado's 14ers due to their remote location and their unique needle mountain characteristics. Shot from a GoPro Hero2, mounted to my climbing helmet, these short clips present some of the classic climbing and breath taking angles found on the 14ers in the Weminuche Wilderness. Music: White Morning https://soundcloud.com/whitemorning

The roommates from room 308 take a reunion road trip to Ojo Caliente hot springs in New Mexico. The hot springs were incredibly enjoyable, but it was the journey itself that made the trip so remarkable. Shot on a GoPro Hero2. Music: "The Lament of Eustace Scrubb" by The Oh Hellos

This was my last great adventure of 2012, and oh, how epic it was. It was my first experience with camping on the summit of a Colorado fourteener, and even with the sub zero temperatures and 50+ mph wind gusts it was a great experience. I hope 2013 will be filled with similar experiences. Filmed with a Hero2 Gopro. Music: Ways by A Boy and His Kite