foot pain

Spelling PCT

A few days back I hiked the afternoon with Ball Buster and Slacker. They typically hike faster than my pace, but on that afternoon Ball Buster had painful muscle cramps that slowed them down. Ball Buster said he had never hiked in so much pain before but they had no options other than to hike through the pain. The High Sierra have limited entry and exit points and we were still a full days hike to the next exit point. As we hiked Slacker sarcastically, yet boldly, stated that you can't spell PCT without pain.

Pain Exchanged For Confidence

Over the past 100 miles, since I left the Mexican Border, I have had more blisters and foot pain than I had on the entire 500 miles of the Colorado Trail, actually I had no blisters and almost no leg pains on the CT even though my pack weighted more than two pounds heavier.  These injuries made my trek through the first section of the desert more difficult than anything I experienced on the CT. Physically, the hardest day I had on the CT was a 32-miles day with 10,000 feet of elevation gain and lost, yet on the PCT I've only had one day above 20 miles, and that was the first day.