Life After the Trail

Clarity Through Goal Setting

I loved my focus.  When I left the Mexican board, Canada seemed like a dream, yet my objective was clear.  On the first day of my hike, enslaved by the intense sun of Southern California, I decided to stop focusing on Canada and instead focus my efforts on reaching the next town, the next food drop, the next pint of ice cream. The moment I opened my eyes each morning I instantly knew my task for the day.  Each day I moved further north towards my dream even though at times Canada felt so distant.

Now What?

It’s been two weeks since I finished the PCT, and as I reemerge into society I find myself asking the question— now what? For more than four months I primarily focused my attention and energy on reaching Canada, and now I find myself caught in the competing currents of uncertainty. How do I come away from finishing the largest challenge of my life, and reintegrate into the monotony and normalcy of the life I left behind?