Life Lessions

What Do You Do?

When introduced to a new acquaintance one of the first questions exchanged is the typical what do you do. As vague as the question is people want to hear about a job or career.  Of course our work consumes a major portion of our lives and once someone knows what we do they can construct an assumption of who we are. We live in a society with an invisible hierarchy of career values.

Defining the Want

One of my favorite aspects of a thru-hike is the clarity of the hike itself.  From the very beginning I know without a doubt what it is I want from the hike.  I want the sense of accomplishment from completing the trail and a sense of fulfillment from the unfolding adventure.  

When I think about my life as a whole things seem much more muddled compared to the clarity of a thru-hike. The complexities and the many distractions in life easily block my perspective of what it is I truly want in life.

Under the Yoke of Comfort

We Americans obsess over comfort, and we’ve highjacked the American Dream and transformed it into the American Comfort. We work the nine to five to invest in the comfort of daily life. We contribute to social security, health insurance, and the 401k. We drive 35 miles between work and our commitments. We then sit back in our recliners and watch five hours of television each day. Do you see where I’m taking this?

The problem is comfort never helps us achieve our goals or live out our dreams. And worse, comfort masks our complacency. Our dreams fade to the periphery as we worry over the cable bill and the other stack of comfort induced bills.

At some point we have to come to the realization comfort won’t make us happy. We have to be willing to take risks.  After all, everything meaningful in life requires risk.  Think about it. We never just drift towards fulfillment. We never comfortably find ourselves living out our dreams.  

I enjoy modern American comforts more than most, because I’ve experience life without those comforts. In the end, however, I’m willing to sacrifice comfort because I know where I’m headed and I don’t want anything to hold me back from living an impactful and meaningful life.

What is it you truly want out of life, and what comfort are you willing to sacrifice to obtain that which you desire?

Channeling Frustration Into Something Positive

As the holidays fade out of sight and out of mind we begin to settle back into the old daily grind. If we’re not careful we’ll forget it’s a new year with a bright future.  Even if we remain intentional about achieving goals and living a more fulfilling life for 2015 this is the time of year when we face the greatest resistance.  Like I mention last week, we overcome resistance as we build momentum, yet resistance always interferes when we put energy into forward motion. I don’t know about you but anytime I’m trying to change and grow I always seem to encounter multiple forms of resistance.

4 Steps to Achieving Seemingly Impossible Goals

4 Steps to Achieving Seemingly Impossible Goals

It’s a new year and a fresh beginning, yet blank slates and paralysis often go hand in hand.  People have the innate desire to grow and live a better life, yet resistance always impedes the pursuit. Each year millions of people create resolutions and set goals, however, only a fraction of those people will achieve their goals. Knowing how to overcome the resistance and gain momentum is the number one key to achieve any goal. A few years ago I discovered several truths about achieving meaningful goals.

Year in Review: 3,132 Miles Later

Year in Review: 3,132 Miles Later

I’ve spent this last week reflecting on 2014 as I make preparations for the coming year. I still find it difficult to wrap my mind around the magnitude of hiking and running 3,132 miles over the course of the last twelve months. Last New Year’s Day, I set out with only one ambitious goal for the year—to successfully thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  I invested most of my annual time, money, and energy into fulfilling my goal, and through perseverance and sacrifice my dream became a reality.  

To Have Loved Well

The holidays are filled with tradition, and my family has a tradition of attending at least one holiday concert or show. Last weekend we enjoyed Trace Bundy’s Acoustic Holiday Concert. Trace, also known as the Acoustic Ninja, is a contemporary finger style guitarist, and I can honestly say he holds the title for the most gifted musician I have seen in person. I’ve now attended three of his concerts, and each time he captivates me with his music.

Trace not only evokes intense emotion through his music, but each time I walk away feeling empowered. I see his dedication and discipline breathe creativity and beauty into existence, and this world needs more of that.

Leveling Up

 I’ve come to the realization it’s so easy and almost natural to lose site of where we’re headed in life.  We get caught up in the busyness of the western world and lose all our momentum.  We need to know where we’re headed or at least know what signpost we are headed to; otherwise we become reactionary in life, instead of engaging the world in a proactive manor.