Colorado Trail

Podcast Debut

I'm branching out.  I've shared my story through writing and video, and this week I've made my first podcast debut. Earlier this week I shared my struggles with cerebral palsy and long distance hiking with an organization called The Bucket List Life. I share my story in episode #27, and I've listened to a dozen of the other episodes, which highlight unique individuals who pursue extraordinary life goals.  Click the image below to check out the podcast.

Within a Year

A year ago today I began my first thru hike. When I started hiking the Colorado Trail I had no idea it would eventually lead me to the Pacific Crest Trail. As I nervously walked up Waterton Canyon I thought about how far off Durango seemed. Little did I know that exactly ten months later I would have the same anxiety as I peered off towards the northern horizon as I stood at the Mexican border.

Lessons From the Colorado Trail

I shared my Colorado is Forever: A Colorado Trail Thru Hike video with the Colorado Trail Foundation and they enjoyed the video, especially the narration. They asked if they could publish it in they semiannual newsletter.  I figured I'd post the narration here too.

No two journeys are the same. The moments that define a journey often blossom unexpectedly. These temporal blossoms unveil unique experiences and teach distinct lessons. These are the lessons I learned while hiking from Denver to Durango on The Colorado Trail.