Defining the Want

One of my favorite aspects of a thru-hike is the clarity of the hike itself.  From the very beginning I know without a doubt what it is I want from the hike.  I want the sense of accomplishment from completing the trail and a sense of fulfillment from the unfolding adventure.  

When I think about my life as a whole things seem much more muddled compared to the clarity of a thru-hike. The complexities and the many distractions in life easily block my perspective of what it is I truly want in life.

Have you ever asked yourself what it is you truly want?

I find it a hard question to fully answer.  For one, all of our friends, family members, and co-workers have expectations for us.  Some of those expectations are healthy and some of them become burdens. It’s easy to be yoked to the responsibilities other people bestow upon us. 

Without clear direction we naturally grasp onto the expectations of others instead of defining what it is we want. Some people go through life following the expectations of others without even knowing they are living from a reactionary state.

Then there are the hundreds of advertisements we are bombarded with each and everyday. Dozens of products and services attempt to convince us life would be easier and more enjoyable if we just made a few purchases. No matter how much we consume we will never find satisfaction without having a clear understanding of what we want.

It’s easy to say we want a successful career, a healthy family, and financial stability; but every person is made unique with specific wants and desires.  

What makes you tick?  What makes you come alive?

Have you ever consider writing out what you are seeking after in life?  In the act of writing out complex ideas we sometimes see connections we never made before.  Sometimes the physical act of writing brings clarity to the abstract conglomerate in our minds.  

Consider sitting down this week and writing out what it is you want out of life.  The completely unique things which reside specifically in you and you alone.  You might be surprised what you may find.