Channeling Frustration Into Something Positive

As the holidays fade out of sight and out of mind we begin to settle back into the old daily grind. If we’re not careful we’ll forget it’s a new year with a bright future.  Even if we remain intentional about achieving goals and living a more fulfilling life for 2015 this is the time of year when we face the greatest resistance.  Like I mention last week, we overcome resistance as we build momentum, yet resistance always interferes when we put energy into forward motion. I don’t know about you, but anytime I’m trying to change and grow I always seem to encounter multiple forms of resistance.

One day last December I received a double dose of resistance. I had a job interview in the morning which went poorly, and I also went to the doctor hoping to receive clarity on a few unresolved health issues which developed during my PCT hike. The doctor’s appointment didn’t provide any insight, and I became incredibly discouraged.  At times the whole world seems set against me, and it’s easy to surrender.  When I returned home that day I decided I needed to get some fresh air and go for a run.  According to my running app, I set a personal record for my fastest 1k, mile, 5k, and 10k.  I also ran farther than I had since I returned from the PCT in September.  My frustration shaved 45 seconds off my average mile pace. I realized all my frustration for the day was channeled into my run instead of boiling over internally.        

Two options exist when resistance wins a sparring match. We can play the role of the victim and remain yoked under the power of resistance, or we can stand up and demand a rematch. Everyone faces resistance on the road of life, the difference is how we respond to conflict and how we overcome our pit falls. 

To be honest, I sit on the fence too often.  Sometimes I become defeated and throw myself a pity party, and other times I stand up and fight back.  For 2015 I want to choose the role of the fighter more often.

Next time resistance knocks me out I’m planning to channel my frustration and energy into any one of my nine goals for this year. What will you channel your frustrations into?