Clarity Through Goal Setting

For eight months I focused almost exclusively on hiking the PCT.  Before the hike, the lion’s share of my paychecks went towards new gear and expenses for the entire hike.  I invested time towards physical training and planning all of the logics.  I spent an entire week repackaging food and creating 22 resupply packages.  Once I hit the trail I poured out my blood, sweat, and tears to hike from Mexico to Canada. 

I loved my focus.  When I left the Mexican board, Canada seemed like a dream, yet my objective was clear.  On the first day of my hike, enslaved by the intense sun of Southern California, I decided to stop focusing on Canada and instead focus my efforts on reaching the next town, the next food drop, the next pint of ice cream. The moment I opened my eyes each morning I instantly knew my task for the day.  Each day I moved further north towards my dream even though at times Canada felt so distant.

Now that I’m back home I’ve lost my focus.  The clarity I possessed on the trail has faded into the fog of everyday life. If I’m honest with myself, I embarked on my four and a half month journey to escape my indecisive life.  In a way the PCT became a way for me to procrastinate, but now I’m back, stuck in the stagnate life I hoped to leave behind.  

I’m working to create a list of tangible and quantifiable goals for the next chapter of life.  I realize I don’t really know what I want in life, which may seem silly, but I realize many people wander aimlessly without truly questioning why they pursue the things they do.  How often do we take the path of least resistance, or live under the expectations of the people around us. 

What are your goals, and do you know where you’re heading?