The Promised Land

The way thru hikers talk about Oregon makes me think it's flowing with milk and honey. For the past few weeks many hikers have talked about how easy Oregon will seem compared to what we faced in California. Many hikers plan on hiking 30 mile days and many say they will attempt to hit a 40 mile day in the Oregon hills. All this talk about Oregon makes me hope it's free of Poison Oak, mosquitos, and rattlesnakes. I hope the trail is smooth and well shaded with cold springs that sit adjacent to the trail every five or six miles. I hope the highs will hover in the sixties and the lows in the mid-forties, and I hope for just the right number of clouds to make breathtaking sunsets. Ok, maybe this is a lot to ask for, but I'm going to be thankful that Oregon will go quicker than California. Nearly 1700 miles to hike through a single state is simply outrageous. I'm hoping for a short and sweet Oregon.