The Post Office Victory

As I exited the post office I held up the duct-taped priority box high in the sky as if it were a trophy. I had just hiked 75 miles in two and a half days to pickup my resupply box before the post office closed for the three day Fourth of July weekend. My two thru hiker companions at the time, Marathon and Fat Dog, were both experienced ultra distance runners, and they weren't phased by my accomplishment; or maybe they were just fixated on filling their stomachs with food, free food.

On trail the three of us had heard the dentist in Chester was a trail angel, and so we made sure we stopped by his office, which was across the street from the post office. Doctor Webb wasn't at the office that day, but the receptionist told us the dentist had hiked the PCT from Mount Whitney to Canada and she said he enjoys rewarding hikers who had made it to Chester which is the midpoint city on the PCT. The receptionist handed each of us a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

The three of us thoroughly enjoyed lunch, a free lunch made my victory seem that much sweeter. After lunch Fat Dog and Marathon headed back to the trail, but I stayed to enjoy the Fourth of July in Chester, plus my body needed time to recover.