Potato Chip Pocket

I still hike with a traditional backpacking pack, whereas most PCT thru hikers use ultralight style packs that tend to weigh a fraction of most traditional packs. Ultralight packs have less structure, support, padding, and features; however, one feature still exists on almost every pack.  A large mesh pocket on the front of the pack helps hold bulky items. Manufactures often recommend items such as puffy jackets, wet rain gear, or awkward fuel canisters for this pocket. I've noticed many thru hikers (especially myself) walk out of town with a large bag (or two) of chips stuffed into the mesh pocket. I carry kettle style chips out of almost every town; other hikers choose Fritos, Duritos, and classic Lays. There's something about the salt, carbs, and most important the fat that always sounds appetizing on trail. I think pack manufactures should start calling this feature a "potato chip pocket," after all the name sounds as funny as seeing a bulky, jumbo sized bag of chips strapped to the front of a slim ultralight pack.