Defending the Snickers

I eat a candy bar every day. In fact, through the High Sierra I ate two everyday. I typically eat my daily candy bar (which is a Snickers the majority of the time) in the late afternoon as a treat to get over the drowsy afternoon slump. A few days ago I was hiking up a series of switchbacks listening to a podcast called The Trail Show, and I realized I needed my daily pick-me-up. I dug out my Snickers, pulled back the wrapper, and took a few bites as I slowly progressed up the slope. I turned the switchback with my half eaten Snickers in hand when something caught my eye. Thirty yards from the switchback stood a good size black bear. It was actually a silky brown colored black bear. At first I didn't think the bear saw me, so with my half eaten Snickers in one hand I attempted to stealthily pull out my phone with my other hand to take a picture of the broad facing bear, but an awkwardly placed tree blocked a good shot. With Snickers in tow, I progressed to the edge of the switchback to get a shot of my first bear sighting on the PCT; the bear noticed, turned, and meandered the other way.

As the bear exited the scene I was thankful he didn't want my Snickers. Most thru hikers would fight to the death to defend their Snickers, and I am no different. It would have been a good fight. The bear was big, but I was hungrier. No one messes with a thru hiker's Snickers without facing the consequences, not even a three hundred pound black bear.