The Objective

I try not to think about Canada.  I focus on each segment, from one resupply to the next.  Each day I analyze my maps and create objectives to get to water sources and campsites.  When I focus on tangible goals I find it easier to live in the present and trust that Patience will have its perfect work.  I know that as long as I make forward progress I will achieve each goal, and ultimately my final objective.

When I wake up in the morning I know what I'm doing and where I'm going.  Each day presents challenges that remain hidden until I round the corner and stare the challenge in the face.  In "real life" I find it easy to go through the motions and lose perspective of the ultimate goal.  Luckily, the trail takes me where I need to go and I just need the strength to push north.

I wish life was as well delineated as the PCT. Each day I briefly ponder what I will do after my hike. Each day I inch my way closer to Canada, but I haven't made any progress in planning the next objective for my life. I'm trusting that Patience will once again have its perfect work.