To Have Loved Well

The holidays are filled with tradition, and my family has a tradition of attending at least one holiday concert or show. Last weekend we enjoyed Trace Bundy’s Acoustic Holiday Concert. Trace, also known as the Acoustic Ninja, is a contemporary finger style guitarist, and I can honestly say he holds the title for the most gifted musician I have seen in person. I’ve now attended three of his concerts, and each time he captivates me with his music.

Trace not only evokes intense emotion through his music, but each time I walk away feeling empowered. I see his dedication and discipline breathe creativity and beauty into existence, and this world needs more of that. When I hear Trace play I understand the importance of committing to passion and developing innate talents.  He’s clearly a very gifted musician, but I’m sure his clarity and perseverance through thousands of hours of practice separate him from the pack. Too many people meander through life without knowing what they want, or they lack the perseverance to follow through when the inevitable resistance stands between them and their dreams.  

The first time I heard Trace play he said something that stuck with me.  Between songs, Trace spoke from the heart and said when his life fades away he wants to be remembered as a man who loved well, rather than a world renown guitarist. Trace’s gift and love for music has touched the lives of thousands of people, yet his desire to love his wife and kids trumps it all.  Clearly Trace has developed a clear perspective on life.

Check out one of my favorite music videos of all time! Combine the beautiful tunes of Trace Bundy with the breathtaking views of Colorado to create a visual and musical masterpiece.