Facing Resistance on the Journey

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been home for an entire month. For the most part, I’ve focused a lot of my energy on deciphering what the next phase of my journey will look like. I’ve also spent a large portion of my time working on a short film about my PCT thru-hike, but this project feels like pulling teeth. The first video will be less than five minutes and I’ve realized trying to tell my four and a half month journey in a handful of minutes is quite the challenge. 

I’d like to see myself as a creative individual, but every time I undertake a creative project whether it’s an architectural work, a video, or a writing project I face what seems as an insurmountable challenge.  I think it’s a common phenomena for the creative process.  I truly believe anyone who tries to pull beauty, purpose, or joy into existence will face opposition.  We are meant to create, yet forces entrenched in the status quo always appear between us and our creative endeavors. 

In addition to the ever-present resistance I also have to overcome my fears for each project.  I’m always afraid that I won’t get it right and so I procrastinate. My perfectionistic personality knows I don’t have the skill set to achieve the results I desire, but I can’t develop those skills unless I produce work.  With every project I’ve ever worked on I seek perfection, and every time I come away proud, yet I always see the flaws; as time passes those flaws seem to grow.

I know these last few blog posts might not fit into the trail adventure blog category, but I continue to see parallels between life on trail and the general journey of life.  Whether I’m trying to persevere through thick blisters or push through the creative blockades I find that the same tenacity and attitude is required. Where do you face resistance in your journey and what’s the next step in overcoming the opposition?