Committing to the Unknown

Every time I start a journey whether it’s a long distance trail, a new job, or a short film project I never know what the end result will look like, and the unknown terrifies me.  I try to be strategic and knowledgeable about everything I take on, but in the end I have to take the final leap of faith and commit.  When I started the Pacific Crest Trail I purchased a guide book and maps, and I read dozens of blogs and gear reviews. I had to purchase a flight to San Diego which felt like the big leap, but as I stood at the southern terminus all alone after the other hikers I carpooled with started hiking I realized leaving the border was the big leap, but in the end the final leap was easy because I had already committed to the journey. 

Right now I’m once again staring off into the unknown.  Dozens of people have encouraged me to write a book about my experiences on the PCT, and I’ve toyed around with the idea. This week I took the first leap—I attended a writers workshop.  I've decided I first need to finish my short film, and then I’ll start planning for a journey that scares me more than any trail.  What if I write a book and it’s horrible, or even worse, what if it’s amazing but no publisher picks it up.  I suppose I’ll need to take that big leap once again.

The bigger question is what does your next big leap look like?